Our favorite memory techniques for studying and exam preparation

There are no, that which you could call,’shortcuts’ as it comes to analyzing, however, there undoubtedly studies methods you’ll be able to use that you may locate MASSIVELY beneficial.

In regards to boosting your memory retention and remember for whatever you’ve studied, probably the main things you’ll be able to possibly make certain that you do to use your hardest to actually determine what it really is you’re studying. Essentially, if you know the theory well, you are a lot more inclined to consider it as a way to share it well (on your exam document ) should you know it.

But that is not exactly what this guide is all about.

The objective of this guide is to provide you with a few practical and easy study methods that will assist you to remember and remember as far as you can of which you have studied.

Because let’s face it, you now have a great deal of advice to bear in mind in regards to exams, especially if you may possibly have several assessments within a couple of days or weeks of each other!

A few of the info which you have to have the ability to remember on exam afternoon may possibly be firmly cemented in the head since you comprehend the inherent fundamentals quite well, and also other advice you could simply have to rote know (things such as facts and formulae which can be tough to consider at the very long haul ).

To this end, we desired to split the analysis methods which helped us when it came to ensuring we can remember most the advice we had to exam day.


Flashcards do not absolutely require many excuses, do. The disadvantage of flash cards is that there’s a period cost to earning them think they may be an effective way of assisting one to consider facts and concepts that you discover more challenging to remember. Worth the time investment, plus so they don’t really must be always a masterpiece of design.

We found these to be especially effective when someone else (perhaps a very helpful member of the family ) read the question to people. There is something about the energetic of referring to the material of one’s flash cards out loudly with someone which may get your memory retention and remember even far better.

Using highlighters

Before you roll up your eyes we obtain it — with highlighter pens isn’t the very mind-blowing study revelation, nevertheless, they get a reference in our list since they’re so simple yet so powerful.

Using highlighters to highlight text particularly within our analysis notes,” became one of our favorite memory hacks for helping individuals to consider crucial things, while it had been a name, an idea, part of an activity — whatever.

Employing highlighter pens accomplishes a few objects: The bodily activity of highlighting text may help concrete that text on the mind, AND, the glowing color of this today emphasized text or graphic should behave as a snare on the mind — adhering text or image firmly in your memory thus that it can not collapse’.

This instant benefit ought to be especially true for you personally whether you are a Visual Learner. No matter your own Learning Style, the concept of highlighters is you ought to have the ability to envision the thing that has been emphasized on the thoughts as you are at the exam.

Assessing your study notes

We discovered if we sat down for a number hours daily or 2 before a test and spoke within the principal notions we believed were likely to develop at the exam, that helped our comprehension of exactly what we’d studied, in addition to our memory remember in the assessment HUGELY. We used our analysis notes because of the foundation for our negotiations.

Why does this job?

Whenever you are talking your study notes, then you will shortly find exactly what you know nicely, and what exactly you want to brush up on before your exam. You will likely also realize that you’re going to be in a position to spell out some matters to your friend they hardly know and you possibly do, and also they are going to do the exact same for you personally to find different topics.

Whether you are listening or describing, doing will assist you to anchor exactly what you are talking on your memory card.

Whenever you are in the authentic exam, the notion is you ought to have the ability to throw the mind back into the discussions you’ve had with your close friend, also don’t forget the items you spoke about. And viola! — There is your remember of this test response.

The secret to this specific memory hack will be to take action with a pal who’s at an identical degree of readiness as you. That you never want to worry about spending the whole time explaining them should they’ve not done enough analysis, because that is not really fantastic use of one’s energy. Of course, if you are not as prepared as you need to be, then you are probably going to wish to utilize the time you’ve gone ahead of the exam to perform a bit more study by yourself.

Mnemonic devices

What type of memory hack list could this be when we did not cite mnemonic devices?!

For the uninitiated, mnemonic apparatus is only the umbrella term given to methods which enable one to consider something.

You’re probably going to be acquainted with word mnemonics’, which can be frequently employed by instructors to help students remember theories, but any technique which assists memory really is a special device. At first (basic ) school we learned the arrangement of these planets in space from sunlight with a sentence mnemonic: Most Really Energetic Mice Jumped straight-up Neptune’s Pants. (Pluto has been regarded as a planet in those days…)

Mnemonic devices are very helpful for assisting remember concepts that involve lists, order, or perhaps a process — matters which have sequential components.

There are not any limits to everything you might employ a mnemonic device to.

We can write a novel about different kinds of mnemonic devices, but to spare one — an instant Google search ends up this beautiful (if marginally old faculty ) review of apparatus, prepared by Dennis Congos, University of Central Florida. This summary should put you well on the path to having the capability to produce your very own personal devices. Many Thanks, Mr. Congos!

That is our listing of most of use memory hacks, you think we’ve missed some?

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